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In this course you will learn:

  • How to add complexity to your app, giving it a more professional look.
  • Internal linking characteristics: buttons, menus, lists…
  • How to instert third party codes such as Spotify.
  • How to create and send Push Notifications.
  • Internal Analytics
  • Monetization of your app with Admob
  • Advanced configuration.
  • Etc

Study’s Plan:

1. Specific features of individual elements

A. Introduction
B. Update Module
C. How To Create a Cover

2. Menus and Complex Structures

A. Complex Structures
B. Menus within Menus – Group List
C. Menus within Menus – Button List
D. Internal Linking
E. Container/View Modules
F. Multi-language

3. Insertion of Third Party Code

A. Insertion of Third Party Code
B. Spotify
C. TypeForm
D. Calculator

3. Advanced Configuration

A. Configuration of Push Notification
B. How to send Push Notification
C. Internal Analytics
D. Monetization with Admob
E. Advanced Configuration
F. Advanced Configuration of the HTML module


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