40 students

In this course you will learn:

  • How to define your business idea before starting development
  • Application Design Basics
  • Characteristics, functionalities and possibilities of the King of App builder
  • Etc

Study’s Plan:

1. Introduction and presentation of the tool

A. Presentation of King of App and the Application Creation Elementary Course
B. Account Login, Registration and Validation
C. Template Selection
D. Modules Screen
E. Services
F. Personalization and Appearance
G. Self-evaluation Module 1

2. Creating your first app

A. Defining app concept
B. Let’s create an app
C. Add and configure first module – HTML
D. Add and configure second module – YouTube
E. Add and configure third module – Twitter
F. Add and configure a service – Google Analytics
G. Anchoring Modules via a Menu
H. Personalization
I. Self-evaluation Module 2

3. Selection of the compilation and publication method

A. King of App Publishing Methods
B. Create your account on Google Play
C. Create your App Store account
D. Complete the publication process with your own id
E. Self-evaluation Module 3

4. Compilation and Publication

A. Fill in data for “To Market” section
B. General Information
C. Google Play Data
D. App Store Data
E. Shopping cart and payment
F. Dashboard
G. Market Upload
H. Self-evaluation 4

5. Obtaining the certificate

A. Instructions for submitting final project and obtaining your certificate


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